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My Sister’s Custom Wedding Dress

Writing this post is proving to be a little more difficult than I expected. I am so excited to share these pictures of my absolutely gorgeous sister. And to show the dress that has been like my baby for the past several months. It’s just difficult to find the words that describe the experience of… Continue reading My Sister’s Custom Wedding Dress

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Floral Bridesmaid Dress and Ridiculous Faces

You are welcome in advance for the ridiculous faces that I make. I knew I had a tendency to do this, but considering the last 2 weddings I have been in and the pictures that have resulted out of them, this is apparently a thing that I do, not just a tendency. Enjoy. I would… Continue reading Floral Bridesmaid Dress and Ridiculous Faces

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Pattern Mixing and Wool for Spring

I wanted to get one last wear in of my wool skirt before it would be deemed ridiculous to be wearing wool. Though with the way this winter played out, most of the time it was ridiculous to be wearing wool. Oh well. I paired the skirt with one of my favorite shirts that I… Continue reading Pattern Mixing and Wool for Spring

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A Progress Report

I stated in my goals for 2016 that I was making my sister’s wedding dress, my bridesmaid dress, and my mom’s mother of the bride dress. This is ALL I am working on right now. Not really. I am doing my regular work and doing these other things along side that. I’m not stressed. Or… Continue reading A Progress Report



The idea behind this post has been brewing in the back of my brain for a few months now. Style. I read this list a few weeks ago and thought that it had some good merit to it. It didn’t list following trends and splurging on the 10 must haves for every closet, both of… Continue reading Stylish

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Layered Up

My new obsession as of late is layering dresses over a white button up. It began with my houndstooth dress. The day I premiered the dress it was a bit of a cold and dreary day. I have a tendency to be cold natured and didn’t want to spend my day shivering. Typically people would… Continue reading Layered Up

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Houndstooth Dress (Original Design)

Some projects in life require a lot of trial and error. This dress is one of those projects. The entire dress ended up being made twice, and not to be outdone, the photoshoot required a reshoot as well. At least there was consistency throughout! I have loved this navy and tan houndstooth fabric from the… Continue reading Houndstooth Dress (Original Design)

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Erin Li-Sik and the Blustery Photoshoot

Before delving into this post, I want to start by giving respect to the bloggers that make their photoshoots look good. You know the ones. They look stunning and confident walking down a street with sunglasses and purse in toe, onlookers don’t even phase them. Teach a class on how you do this. I would… Continue reading Erin Li-Sik and the Blustery Photoshoot

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Original Dress Design

I have had this post planned for about 4 months… oops. Better late than never, right? This dress is one of my favorites. I designed and made it a few years ago, and it is still a piece that I love because of its comfort and ease of wearing. It’s bra friendly, yay! Long enough… Continue reading Original Dress Design

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Wedding Pictures, Take 2

Our wedding was not at all traditional. And in honoring that, today’s pictures include the untraditional after ceremony activities of David and my’s family meeting for the first time, more awkward girl pictures, and some posed pictures of us with our wonderful guests. Let’s get started! Immediately following our vows, David and I both went… Continue reading Wedding Pictures, Take 2